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creative nonfiction

Shabby Doll House: 42 Nocturnal Memoirs / "Asking someone if they have any plans for the evening and they nearly cry because 'No one ever asks me questions like that.'" / Selections from a dream journal / 2022


Cosmonauts Avenue: He's Perfect / "I wanted to find a place where my feelings were called prayers and could be answered. I wanted to put down whatever questions still rocked inside my heart." / Essay on pet grief, public displays of grief, and online grief communities / 2018 Cosmonauts Avenue Nonfiction Prize Shortlist / Entropy Best of 2019: Online Articles and Essays / 2019

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: A Teacher's List of Monthly Statistics / "Yeah, well I heard he took apart a calculator and ate it button by button." / Statistics kept during a year as a middle school Spanish teacher / 2017

craft essays

Literary Hub: How to Plan a Literary Drive-In; Or, the Pandemic's Safest IRL Book Launch / "And, honestly, I wanted closure. I wanted to bookend the shocks of emotion that sparked so many of these poems with an experience that could mimic that original sensation of release—so that I could begin to move on." / Essay on pandemic debuts and planning a drive-in book launch / 2021

Electric Literature: How to Arrange a Poetry Collection Using Mixtape Rules / "It had no arc, that yearning of meaning against the gravity of language itself." / Craft essay on music playlists and sequencing poems / 2021

Juniper Institute for Young Writers: Not Building a House but Making a Brick / Five formal exercises for generating new poems and revising old ones / 2022

Juniper Institute for Young Writers: Poems at the Bottom of Internet Rabbit Holes / Five prompts for using the internet and digital media to generate new poems / 2021

conversations and criticism


Traffic East: What Happens When No One Is Looking: Kyle Dacuyan's Incitements / 2024

The Millions: Caroline Rayner Wants to Hang Out Forever / 2023

Full Stop: Sadie Dupuis / "I have more allegiance to poetry than to you liking mine." / 2023

The Rumpus: Fundamentally, Necessarily Vulnerable: An Interview with jamie hood / 2021


Poetry Society of America: In the Midst of All This Magic: An Interview with jubilat's Caryl Pagel / 2021

Peach Mag: Indie Lit Interview Series / Occasional conversations with editors, publishers, and other figures in independent publishing / 2021-22

The Public: Peach Picks / Weekly column of reading recommendations from the editors of Peach Mag / 2017-19

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