just buffalo literary center


Rachelle frequently teaches creative writing workshops to teenagers and adults at Just Buffalo Literary Center, Buffalo's premier literary arts organization. Her recent workshops include:

  • Poems Out Loud: "There's writing, and then there's the performance of writing. Capturing an audience's attention comes with its own set of challenges—but it can be fun, too. Whether reading for a live audience or digitally over Zoom, how can our voices stand out? In this workshop, we'll examine the reading styles of a variety of great poets and practice performing styles of our own."

  • Eavesdropping, Excerpts, and Everyday Poetry: "In this workshop, we bring together poetry and eavesdropped exchanges. Participants will learn how to effectively steal language from the living world around them, and will leave with a poem crafted from collages of excerpted conversations and everyday observations."

  • Broken Essays: "In this workshop, we explore the technique of collage in crafting fragmented memoir. Participants will combine collected found text with fragments of their own writing to give shape to nonlinear personal essays."

  • Wearable Poetry: "Ever loved a poem so much you wanted to wear it? In this workshop, we explore the relationship between what we say and what we wear. Participants will learn about the history of embroidery as a woman's art of resistance alongside the contemporary ways we wear words, and leave the session with pieces of clothing showcasing their own workshopped and embroidered micro-poems."

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