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How to Plan a Literary Drive-In; Or, the Pandemic's Safest IRL Book Launch | "And, honestly, I wanted closure. I wanted to bookend the shocks of emotion that sparked so many of these poems with an experience that could mimic that original sensation of release—so that I could begin to move on." | Essay on pandemic debuts and planning a drive-in book launch | Literary Hub, June 2021

How to Arrange a Poetry Collection Using Mixtape Rules | "It had no arc, that yearning of meaning against the gravity of language itself." | Craft essay on music playlists and sequencing poems | Electric Literature, March 2021

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Not Building a House but Making a Brick | Five formal exercises for generating new poems and revising old ones | Juniper Institute for Young Writers, February 2022

Poems at the Bottom of Internet Rabbit Holes | Five prompts for using the internet and digital media to generate new poems | Juniper Institute for Young Writers, April 2021