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interviews and profiles

Let's Get the Girlies, We're Going to Do Something Else | Interview with Brad Casey for METACOSM, September 2022

Episode 58: Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Jared McCormack for The MFA Writers Podcast, August 2022

What It's Like to Release Your Debut Poetry Collection During a Pandemic: 20 Poets Respond | Roundup by Erica Abbott for Write or Die Tribe, August 2021

~Profound Experience of Poetry with Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Lucy K Shaw for ~Profound Experience, April 2021

Those Objects of Desire: A Conversation with Rachelle Toarmino on Objectification, Persona, and the Internet | Conversation with Gion Davis for Weird Sister, February 2021


The Internet Poem Is My Pastoral: A Conversation with Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Kristen Felicetti for The Adroit Journal, January 2021

That Ex | Interview with Darrell Laurant for Snowflakes in a Blizzard, December 2020

A Virtual Interview with Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Cindy Huyser for BookWoman, November 2020

Toarmino, Falck Release New Books | Interview with Kevin Heffernan for Rise Collaborative, August 2020

Niagara Falls Poet Launches Book at Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve | Interview with Melanie Camp for WKBW, August 2020

"Where better than a dinosaur graveyard to read poems about exes?" | Interview with Meghan Pipe for Just Buffalo Literary Center, July 2020

Influencers | Profile by Jana Eisenberg for Buffalo Spree, November 2019

Press Pass: Eight Young Influencers in Western New York | Mention by Elizabeth Licata on WBFO, November 2019

Exploring Fashion Through Poetry: Rachelle Toarmino's New Chapbook Uses Words from Celebrity Fashion to Create Poetry | Interview with Abby Wojcik for The Griffin, November 2019

(Lit) Editor Spotlight: Peach Mag's Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Carlotta Eden, July 2018

Hair of the Dog: A Puncheon of Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Lydia Hounat for Sober. Magazine, July 2018


Perfect Peach: Catching Up with Peach Mag Editor, Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Lucy K Shaw for Shabby Doll Reader, April 2018


The Prolific Peach Mag: An Interview with EiC Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Ben Niespodziany for Neon Pajamas, March 2018

Everything Is Peachy | Interview with Albert Abonado for Flour City Yawp, August 2017

The Peach Mag Yearbook: Happy First Birthday | Interview with Lucy K Shaw for Shabby Doll Reader, August 2017

Millions of Peaches: An Interview with the Newest, Fruitiest Online Magazine | Interview with Lucy K Shaw for Shabby Doll Reader, September 2016

Personal & Generic | Interview with Lucy K Shaw for Shabby Doll Reader, August 2016

40 Stories: Rachelle Toarmino | Interview with Just Buffalo Literary Center, October 2015

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