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editorial services


Rachelle has worked with poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers at every stage of the editing process, from project ideation to proofreading. In addition to her years of experience writing and editing across a variety of genres in both creative and professional contexts, she draws on insight into the publishing process from her work on various literary journals, presses, and agencies.

Rachelle's rates for editorial services are hourly and generally align with the Editorial Freelancers Association. She also offers a needs-based sliding scale. À la carte editorial services include:

  • Project conceptualization feedback

  • Substantive comments

  • Line edits

  • Proofreading

  • Sequencing recommendations

  • Guidance on journal and small press submissions

  • Feedback on pitches and query letters

  • Publicity plans, including social media, press, and events

Rachelle also offers manuscript consultations to poets and writers of all genres. Her rate starts at $150 for chapbook manuscripts, $250 for full-length poetry manuscripts, and $500 for prose manuscripts. Rates are determined by time. Consultations include:

  • A detailed reader's report of 1500 words breaking down reactions to the work and observations on themes, patterns, craft, structure, and trajectory; ideas for revision, tailored to the author's needs as established together in advance; and personalized press and reading recommendations

  • A digital copy of the manuscript with additional comments and suggestions in the margin

  • Two meetings, pre- and post-report, to establish the author's vision and intention, soundboard ideas, and clarify anything in the reader's report or annotated manuscript

Send an inquiry to Rachelle at for details and availability.


"I felt a little bit too seen."

"Rachelle is exceptionally attuned to the rhythms and patterns that make up the texture of a work, whether poetry or prose. She not only can articulate what needs to be fixed in a work, but can also point to every line where it's going awry, every instance where a mistake is repeated or where a writer's mannerisms are getting in the way. Just as important as her critique, though, is her ability to draw the writer's attention back to the emotional core of a work, the why behind a project, and what actually is succeeding. Seeing a piece of one's own writing through Rachelle's keen but generous perspective is as valuable practically as it is emotionally reinvigorating. In addition, because Rachelle is so well networked and plugged into diverse writing communities, she reads each piece with a sense of its final audience in mind, and can talk through those critical and frequently daunting next steps that a writer must take after a piece is polished and ready for submission."

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